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innova Organic Fertilizer  is a granular organic fertilizer which provides noticeably superior results when compared to conventional chemical fertilizers.  Regular use of innova Organic Fertilizer on lawns and  athletic fields will result in a thicker, greener turf.  Regular use of innova Organic Fertilizer in landscape and flower beds will result in fuller flowers and vibrant foliage.   

Why does innova Organic Fertilizer work so much better than conventional chemical fertilizers?  Compared to conventional fertilizers, innova Organic Fertilizer provides:

--Nutrients in naturally controlled release forms which results in even, healthy growth. Nutrients are more efficiently used by the plants

-18 natural L-amino acids and 8 vitamins which have been proven to enhance plant health and dramatically improve resistance to traffic, drought and heat stress 

-A high carbon to nitrogen ratio which helps increase soil microbial populations which help combat certain diseases and improve soil health

innova Organic Fertilizer is in the form of easy to use homogeneous granules and is applied using conventional application equipment.   innova Organic Fertilizer contains no odor causing ingredients such as waste by-products, sewage sludges, manures, composts nor animal parts.